Talk: “UI Patterns for Design Systems” at the DesignOps Meetup August 2019

I spoke at the DesignOps Meetup August 2019 in Melbourne on 7 August 2019, sharing stories that inspired my new book about patterns and design systems and tales of how shared language can fast-track consistent design.

The DesignOps Meetup hosts practical talks from “some of the best designers, developers and managers in town”. It’s a playful community, looking to answer the question, “what is DesignOps?” while connecting people faced with scaling design teams, building modular design systems, or creating a single source of truth for designers and developers. It’s an inclusive event with a sound code of conduct, despite the shenanigans you’ll find on their site, There’s also a great Slack community.

Here are the slides from my talk:

Some references from the slides:

Photo of Diana MacDonald @DiDoesDigital speaking at MYOB office in Melbourne.

The MYOB office is nice

You can see me on Instagram with my napkin math for showing the cost of not having a design system and therefore how to make the case for hiring a design systems person.

In case you’re wondering about the slide design assets:

Where to go next

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