Can I Eat It Yet?

A visual guide to seasonal fruit and veg

by Diana MacDonald

Australia grows lots of fruits and vegetables. "Seasonality" means the times of year when harvesting a crop is at its peak. Picking food locally when it's in season usually means it'll be:

  • fresh
  • nutritious
  • full of flavour
  • cheaper

⚠︎ Seasonality varies by climate and weather conditions. A particularly dry or wet season can affect the timing and availability of certain crops. This information is a guide only.

Pick a region

What's in season in Australia?

Graphic by @DiDoesDigital

This month

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Foods that are out of season in January are crossed out e.g. Garlic

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Annual seasonality

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Want to plant your own? Check Gardenate for what to plant this month.

A pineapple with purple flowers.

About the data

Seasonality by region data:

If you have data I can use from other Australian cities, let me know! [email protected]

Other seasonality info:

About the code

You can see the code on GitHub.

About the pineapple

The flowering pineapple photo is by Wesley Moore. Pineapples take up to two years to be ready to harvest!

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