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What is Di doing digitally now?

Designing: product design 4 days a week for a tech product startup.

Animating and visualising data: creatively, for fun.

Writing: the blog and fortnightly newsletter on UX design, books, links, and news, winning at life, development, and stenography. Practical UI Patterns for Design Systems is out now!

Reading: a book a week on design & UX, science & tech, effectiveness, communication, philosophy, literature, business, fiction, and health & happiness.

Stenography: building Typey Type for Stenographers.

What else is Di thinking about?

Living in Melbourne, Australia.

Photo of woman in a yoga pose.


Photo of woman bush walking.

Bush walking

Photo of woman cycling.


Photo of woman rock climbing.

Rock climbing

Photos by Cathy Pham, Roxanne Desgagnés, Morgana Bartolomei, and Stephanie Cook.

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