Code for Designers

The web designer’s medium is the web. Their canvas is the browser and their paintbrush is code.

Here you’ll find a bit of a guide and some resources helpful to designing digital products using code.

This is intended for designers (or anyone who wants to use code in design) rather than software engineers. For engineers that want to learn more about design, you might want to see Design for Engineers.

This is a living project. Check back for updates.

Careers for designers that code

Introducing code

If you’ve never touched code before, start here.

The fundamentals of web development

Typography on the web

Web typography is one of the most useful areas for web designers to learn.

Design workflows using code

Design in the browser

Prototype with code

Code for design decisions




Personal projects

Passion projects

Build your workflow and tools

Computational design

Resources for designers that code

  • BassCSS—a fast, tiny CSS framework for modular, type-centric websites.


How much code is useful to learn?

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